Social Promotions & Contests

Giveaways and sweepstakes are a fun and easy way to get your message and product spread across social media. Optimize the ways to enter according to your campaign goals.

Paid Social Advertising

Gone are the days of Facebook's organic reach. Soon, other social media platforms like Instagram will follow suit and your posts will not show up in your followers' feeds unless they are boosted or sponsored. Make sure you spend efficiently and wisely to reach the most interested audience at the lowest price.

Social Media Event Integration

Take your foot traffic and attendees from offline to online by integrating a touch of social media into your next event. You'll leverage the attention and enjoy the benefits long after the event is over.

Campaign Strategy

Specific goals call for custom solutions. Whether its initiating efforts on multiple channels for maximum effect, or optimizing existing efforts, it takes a trained eye to spot where improvements can be made for best results. Don't forget, those learnings are yours and can benefit your business.

Editorial Calendar

Getting everyone and everything on the same page can do wonders for an efficient workflow. This could mean streamlining email blast content with social media and website updates, or planning out seasonal promotions many months in advance. Planning makes perfect!

Qualified Lead Generation

Building an email list is the cornerstone of an efficient marketing campaign. Only invest in ad spend that will support an effective lead generation effort, attracting those specific potential customers that are most likely to convert.