Email Marketing

Permission-based email marketing is the cornerstone of a healthy marketing campaign. Attract email signups and create compelling email newsletters and blasts, that get opened!

Influencer Partnerships

Real people who've gained the respect and trust of a loyal following are the most effective channels of word of mouth. Find out who they are and, if there's a fit, partner with them to spread the word about your product to people who are looking for recommendations.

Social Media Moderation

In today's real-time world, no brand can afford to wait when it comes to replying to users online and on social media. This is especially true regarding user comments and questions under live Facebook ads.

Customer Service Support

Often, especially surrounding a sweepstakes or promotion, there is a surge in email inquiries and social media engagement. Have a system set up where the front lines handle simple inquiries, while other questions are escalated though private message or email.